Dungeon Grid

A Ludum Dare 47 game

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  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT Arrow keys (or the buttons below for mobile) to turn ALL of your player beins at once.
  • Four taps on an arrow key is a full 90 degree turn. Try it out on the welcome screen, it's a bit tricky until you get it!
  • When player beins are near each other they will sync up their directions, making it easier to control them all as a herd.
  • Navigate as many player beins as you can to the goal without being wiped out by enemies.
  • You must get at least 1 bein to the goal in order to move to the next level!
  • When you get your first bein to the goal, a 30 second timer counts down the end of the level, so move wisely if you're going for a high score.
  • HINT: Moving your players in groups together, while being hard to do, gives you an advantage over enemies and lets you score more points

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